We are proud to have a dedicated in-house team of IRATA trained industrial rope access specialists also known as abseiling. With many buildings increasing in height and complexity of design in the UK our team is in increasing demand.

What is industrial rope access?

Originally developed for accessing areas on off-shore rigs, this technique has been adapted for use in commercial window and high level cleaning in response to the changing cityscapes across the world. The technique uses a system of ropes and pulleys enabling our most fearless window cleaning operatives to clean while suspended next to high level windows, frames and cladding. The technique requires suitable anchoring points which can include fitted and certified eyebolts, structural steel or use of dead weight trolleys or A frames. A short site survey will allow us to determine the suitability of the method.

Advantages of industrial rope access

  • Non-disruptive – you will hardly know that we are there and there is minimal disruption to pedestrians and traffic flow!
  • Safe – Statistically one of the safest access methods for working at height
  • Cost effective – rope access methods provide a faster method for accessing difficult to reach areas
  • High Quality – This method allows for a hands on conventional clean
  • Versatile – The system can be used on a variety of surfaces including solar panels, skylights, cladding and gutter clearing

At Majestic Cleaning our industrial rope team is led by our experienced level 3 IRATA supervisor. All of the personal protective equipment used, including dead weight trollies and A Frames are tested and maintained by ourselves and we can offer eyebolt testing to those clients requiring it.

Jargon Buster

I.R.A.T.A – Industrial rope access trade association. This organisation provides guidance for the safe use of industrial rope access wherever it is employed. They also provide training to technicians at levels 1 -3. The organisation promotes an exchange of ideas and discussion on practices.

Anchor points – These are points from which the operatives can attach ropes form which to abseil.

Deadweight trolley – a mobile unit which provides anchorage for buildings where no suitable anchor points are available.

A Frame – A portable suspension anchorage system which is particularly useful for working on flat roofs or behind a parapet wall.