Water fed pole is a window cleaning technique that is ever increasing in popularity. It has become a favoured method in our window cleaning toolbox.

What is Water Fed Pole window cleaning?

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

In simplest terms, this is the use of a soft bristled brush to scrub dirt off the glass while purified water simultaneously rinses window. The purified water is then left to air dry leaving a streak free, residue free finish.

Why choose Water Fed Pole window cleaning?

  • Safe – often eliminating the need for working at height (our maximum height is 65 ft (20M).
  • Cost effective – the technique enables large areas of glass to be cleaned at a faster rate without decreasing the quality of the clean or needing specialist access equipment.
  • Environmentally friendly – only pure water is used.
  • High Quality – The pure water leaves a spot free finish.
  • Versatile – The system can be used on a variety of surfaces including solar panels, skylights and cladding. It can be used from the ground or from inside a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) or on site hydraulic cradle.

At Majestic Cleaning we have the Ionic Thermo and Zero systems which means we can provide the best quality finish available.

Jargon Buster

Purified water
– Water goes through a 5 step filtration process

Thermo reach and wash system – the purified water (at 0ppm) can be heated to prevent freezing of water in cold weather and to promote removal of mould and algae

Zero reach and wash system – water has been filtered so that there is 0 parts per billion (ppb) – the purist water possible for the best quality clean.